How To Lose Weight Without Exercise: 10 Tips And Tricks


Are you looking to ​shed some pounds? Have you thought about how to lose weight without exercise? It is possible, but you may have to make a few lifestyle changes. You don’t need to be alarmed, as you’re likely doing a version of some of these things already.

Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Not everyone has the same ability to exercise, and fortunately, getting hot and sweaty isn’t the only way to lose weight. We know helpful tips about how to lose weight without exercise, and you can see for yourself which ones will work within your lifestyle. Are you ready to take a closer look at the foods you’re eating or when and how frequently you consume them? How about how you socialize?

You can learn easy ways of how to lose weight without exercise. These are measurable suggestions you can keep track of and course correct when needed. You’ll want to be committed, but it won’t stress you out. It will feel empowering that you can take control and successfully achieve your goal of losing weight.

10 Tips and Tricks of How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

In no particular order of importance, here are 10 tips and tricks to try. Read through and see which ones connect with you right now. What can you do immediately to get you moving toward your goal?

1. Drink Water 

losing weight without exercise

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You already know drinking water is healthy for you to stay hydrated and keep all your organs functioning. Another natural bonus to drinking water regularly is that it will keep you feeling full. When you’re full of water, you’ll be less likely to fill yourself up with extra food. When considering how to lose weight without exercise, drinking water is a must.

If you’re not getting the appropriate amount of water consumption throughout your day, your body will get dehydrated. Dehydration often feels similar to hunger, so you may end up reaching for food when you’re body really needs water. The best way to curb those misread “hunger” pangs is by drinking plenty of water. It will also help you replace soft drinks and juices, which will further reduce your calorie intake.

2. Eat Foods High in Protein

losing weight without exercise

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Have you considered shifting your diet to replace some of those carbohydrates with protein? Protein has a strong effect on appetite as it will increase your feelings of satiation and keep your hunger in check. Did you ever notice that when you eat a meal high in protein, you can go longer before getting hungry again?

Why not start your day with a breakfast high in protein? This will avoid your body starting off with your blood sugar being too high That would result in a rollercoaster-eating pattern throughout your day. Examples of foods high in protein include eggs, meat, chicken, fish, lentils, beans, nuts, and yogurt.

3. Prepare Smaller Portion Sizes

losing weight without exercise

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Portion sizes of your food can be overlooked, especially when you eat out. In most cases, the meal you’re eating is larger than the average portion size. Studies show that an increase in weight gain is connected to bigger portion sizes. It’s a common error to measure the calories of your meal based on what the normal serving size is rather than the portion you’re actually eating. Therefore, there’s probably room for you to trim the portion size down.

This is a great choice for how to lose weight without exercise because it’s not complicated to do. Take note of what portion sizes are recommended by reading food labels or coordinate findings online regarding produce or cooked meals. Even if you reduce your portions a little, it will result in consuming fewer calories.

4. Chew Your Food Mindfully

losing weight without exercise

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Did you know when you chew it initiates the process of digestion? Research shows that chewing each mouthful thoroughly will lessen the onset of digestive issues. Plus, it will prolong the duration of your meal giving your body enough time to register that you are full rather than consuming more food after you’ve actually satisfied your hunger.

Chewing your food thoroughly is part of how to practice mindful eating. Another way to be more mindful is to avoid distractions, like computers, phones or televisions that will take you away from concentrating on chewing your food. Eat at a table with minimal outside interruptions, and focus on chewing and how the food tastes. You’ll be much more satisfied.

5. Eat Foods with High Water Content

losing weight without exercise

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Did you know food with high water content take longer to exit the stomach? Similar to foods high in fiber, foods with high water content will help you feel fuller for a longer amount of time. As you add them to your list of how to lose weight without exercise, these foods will aid with your digestion.

You’ll engage in more swallowing and foods with high water content may burn more calories than they contain. This makes them perfect for your weight loss goals. Be sure to eat more citrus fruits, melons, cucumber, and celery. You’ll find these foods satisfying, and they come in larger portions due to their water content.

6. Get Adequate Sleep 

losing weight without exercise

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Sleep can be one of your biggest health habits and can contribute greatly to your concerns about losing weight. Like with other health conditions, getting adequate sleep will allow your body to function optimally. Conversely, poor quality sleep or sleep deprivation can increase your risk of diseases and unhealthy conditions.

Sleep isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about weight loss. But, if you have a lack of quality sleep, you’re likely disrupting important hormones regulating your body’s systems. Whether it’s appetite hormones or cortisol, these can become elevated or deregulated from the stress of not sleeping.

7. Reduce Stress 

losing weight without exercise

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Similar to the hormone imbalances that occur due to lack of adequate sleep, having too much stress can wreak havoc on hormone regulation. If you don’t get your stress levels under control, your body will have a harder time working toward homeostasis. And a key element of homeostasis is maintaining your normal body weight. Your stress can trigger your body into holding onto fat when it’s supposed to use it as fuel to burn.

Do you have strategies and techniques to calm you during stressful times? Try to recognize high stressors as you feel them coming on. Shift your focus to the present moment and relieve yourself with deep breathing.

8. Keep a Food Journal 

losing weight without exercise

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To get where you want to any destination, you need to know where you’re starting from. Did you know most people underestimate how much food they eat each day? If you only go by what you think you’re eating on a daily basis, you likely won’t have an accurate assessment of how many calories you’re consuming. Keeping a food journal will correct this and give you the calculations to move you forward with how to lose weight without exercise.

All you have to do is jot down each of the foods you eat daily, the serving size, and associated calories after each meal. Do you think this is challenging to do? Try it; it’s not that hard. You can even add it to your notes on your phone or use one of the online apps for food journaling.  

9. Limit Alcohol

losing weight without exercise

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As mentioned with the food journaling, it’s hard for most people to account accurately for how much they eat and drink. Frequently, with drinking alcohol, you can downplay the amount you’ve consumed. You may be surprised to learn how many calories are in drinks to begin with. Alcoholic beverages can have a high-calorie count, so you’ll want to keep them to a minimum.

When you drink a lot, you’re also more likely to lower your inhibitions with controlling what you eat. Alcohol consumption is often coupled with consuming more food, creating a higher tally of calories. You’ll want to consider if it’s worth doing if your goal is to lose weight.

10. Socialize Wisely 

losing weight without exercise

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Do you make plans that frequently revolve around eating or drinking? If you’re like most people, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Sure, you can occasionally go out to bars, restaurants, parties, and malls. Just be mindful to have social excursions that won’t put you in a position where you’ll be more likely to consume food and beverages.

Be creative when you’re making plans because the activity you consider can be part of how to lose weight without exercise. Consider going for a hike by the river or lake or at a nearby park. In the city, you can go sightseeing, to a museum or window shopping. Keep yourself entertained and having fun, without the extra consumption.  


There you have it, 10 tips and tricks to lose weight without exercise. As you can see, there are lifestyle changes you can make that set the stage for you being successful with weight loss. If you tweak some things you do regularly, like drinking water, sleeping, and noticing portion size, you will increase the advantages of how to lose weight without exercise. Which one are you going to try first?